Your Way Platters

Eggscellent Specialties

All platters served with two LARGE eggs cooked your way, plus home fries, and toast or a biscuit

Two eggs, cooked to your specifications 5.99

Two eggs and your choice of 3 bacon strips, 3 sausage links, or sausage patty 7.95

Two eggs with ham 7.95

Two eggs with corned beef hash 8.95

Two eggs with grilled porkcop 8.95

Two eggs and kielbasa 8.95

*English muffin or bagel has a 49 cent charge if swapped with toast

The American breakfast: 2 eggs cooked your way, plus one hot cakes or one French toast. Pick your choice 3 bacon strips or 3 sausage links. Served with home fries or grits and comes with toast or biscuit 9.95    

Sausage gravy:  Homemade and makes you feel guilty! Fresh bisquits covered with thick sausage gravy. Served with homefries( 8.95) Add two eggs for (10)

Meat Lovers: 1 sausage link, 1 sausage patty, 2 strips of bacon and ham. Served with 3 eggs, and home fries. Your choice of toast or biscuit 8. 99

The healthy way Bowl: Fresh oatmeal bowl topped with giant strawberrys , bluberrys, walnuts, and dried cranberries … 8.95

Loaded Skillets


All of our sizzling skillets are loaded with our homefries. Comes with your choice of 2 eggs cooked to your order. Toast or biscuit

Corned beef hash skillet: pepper, onion, tomato and cheddar cheese 9.95

Skinny  skillet: pepper, onion, tomato , olive, cheddar, mushrooms,  and cilantro 8.95

The Craven: buttermilk fried chicken topped with sausage gravy, peppers, onions and cheddar 11.95

Italian stallion skillet: italian sausage, pepper, onion, pepperoni and mozz 9.95

Poor Mans hash: ham, sausage, pepporoni,bacon, peppers, onions 9.95

Best Benedicts
Cajun benedict: grilled chicken, spinach, mushrooms, Cajun cream hollandaise 9.95

Veggie bennie: Roasted vegetables, mushrooms, tomato 8.95

Sausage eggs Bennedict:  8.95

Classic eggs benedict with smoked ham 8.95

Murphys eggs benedict: Corned beef hash and tomaotes 8.95

Florentine eggs benedict: tomatoes, spinach, and feta 8.95
 All of our omelets are made with three large country eggs and stuffed with a variety of combinations. Served with home fries and toast or biscuit.  Add extra any toppings of ham, bacon, sausage, peppers, onion mushrooms, tomatoes or cheese for 75 cents  

Three egg omelet:     W/Cheese 7.95

Meat lover’s: Bacon, sausage, ham, and cheese   8.95

Corned beef hash omlette: peppers, onions and cheddar 9.25

Spanish omelet: Green peppers, fried onions, tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, Salsa verde and cheddar 9.25

Veggie omelet: Roasted veggie mix, mushroom, olive, tomato, onion 9.25

Florentine omelet: Fresh baby spinach, tomatoes, and feta cheese 9.25

Greek omelet:  spinach, feta, onion, and black olives 9.25

Bella italia: italian sausage, pepper, red onion, tomatoes, and mozz (marinara 9.50 

Chicken omelet ; green pepper ,fried onion mushroom and tomatoes   9.50

Griddle Greats

 *Fresh fruit topping, walnuts, and chocolate chips are a 1.50 charge

Butter milk hotcakes: Full stack 6.5       Short stacks 5.25              Single       4        
M&M: Short stack 8.95         

Classic French toast:  Full stack 6.5          Short stack 5.25      Single 4       

Bannana Foster French toast: Short stack 8.95

Breakfast Sandwiches​

Breakfast Sides

All our breakfast sandwiches come with your choice of toast

Breakfast Burger: 8 oz paty, bacon, eggs, and American cheese 8.95 (Kaiser)

Italian: Pepper, onion, sausage 5.99

The Western: Peppers onions, ham and cheese 5.99

Bacon, sausage, or ham Egg & Cheese 5.99   

Veggie: Onions, peppers, & tomatoes 5.99

Mediterranean: Spinach, tomatoes, feta cheese, & onions    5.99

Morning BLT: add cheese and an egg of your choice to your favorite bacon sandwich! 6.50 
Bacon           (4)   3.99

Corned beef hash 4.99

Breakfast ham 3.99

Kielbasa 3.99

Sausage links or patty 3.99

Toast 1.50

Bagel 1.75    w/cream cheese 2.50

Oatmeal Large 3.50   Small 2.25

Home fries 3.50

English muffin or biscuit 1.25    

Grits Large 3.50 Small 2.25

Any extra single egg 0.99 /any extra two eggs   1.99

Kids Breakfast

Only for children 11 years of age (All kids meals comes with juice or milk)

One egg with two strips of bacon or two sausage links/patty. Served with home fries & toast 4.99

French toast with two strips of bacon or two sausage links/patty 4. 99

Mickey Mouse pancake with two strips of bacon or sausage link/patty 4.99

Two eggs cheese omelet with home fries & toast           4.99
*All beverages have no refills

ORANGE JUICE              2.75
TOMATO JUICE             2.50
APPLE JUICE                   2.50
CRANBERRY JUICE         2.50
MILK                                     .2.25
CHOCOLATE    milk        2.75

Enjoy free refills on the following beverages   1.99

Coffee:  regular or decaf
Hot tea

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